Can’t access WP through Firefox

So: having issues accessing my WP account through Firefox. Recently found myself logged out of a bunch of sites that I’m normally logged into, WP being one of them. Discovered I’d accidentally checked a Preference box I shouldn’t’ve, unchecked it, was able to get everything back to normal except for WP.

When I navigate to my page, i get what seems to be the White Screen of Death (it’s not completely white, it still has the WP logo in the background, don’t know if that means anything); when I got to the WP login screen, I can’t even input my email (cursor won’t even let me access it). I can get into my account through other browsers, and through Jetpack on my mobile device, but no dice on Firefox.

I’ve tried contacting WP Support, and I’ve been told it’s a browser issue, that they can’t recreate the problem; I’ve looked online for troubleshooting help, but a lot of the suggestions I find require me being able to access my account so as to make changes within WP? Anyway: anyone else experience this? Anyone have any ideas?

Full disclosure: I am kinda dumb when it comes to this stuff, so apologies if the solution is staring me in the face. Any help would be appreciated.


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