Can’t do much without paying for something in WordPress

I’ve been hardcording most of my websites and I’m new to WordPress so please bear with me. I installed the free themes and pluggins but there’s always a catch where I have to upgrade to a premium plan. I want to build a sports news website that allows athours to post and edit content. But whenever I’m using a theme and I try to customize there are so many limitations unless I upgrade. Am I doing it wrong or missing something or that’s just the way it is.
Your help is really appreciated

  1. Try to get a good theme like bricks builder, break dance, generate blocks, etc.

    Bricks builder even has an LTD and is made for devs. So if you have a background is coding, you’ll enjoy it.

    The free themes are more of an intro compared to more powerful themes/page builders

  2. The issue here is with your hosting provider. is a WordPress host that locks down a lot of the built in features unless you pay for their premium plans. is free open source software and you can set it up on any web host. In regular, non locked down WordPress, you will be able to use any theme you want.

  3. Sounds like you are using If not just use the default theme and build it using the FSE. Everything is moving that direction anyway so best to get on it now.

  4. GeneratePress theme is free.

    GenerateBlocks plugin is free.

    Pods plugin is free.

    Should be enough for the most complex site.

    But, first read first pinned post at this subred.

  5. You will have to pay for some stuff like hosting, a page builder, and a few plugins probably.

    That’s all you need to get started, and probably even less than that if you can figure out things on your own.

    But yeah, I mean – why would it all be free lol?

  6. If you can write functions in PHP you can do pretty much anything without paying for a plugin. Depends what your time is worth.

  7. Yes, there’s fewer options for free plugins these days. You’ll be paying $60 here and $100 there if you want to have a modern, full functioning site. It’s disappointing but you can’t really blame plugin developers. Software is hard and if we want the projects to be maintained long term then they are much more likely to stick around if there’s a path to generating income for them.

  8. WordPress has open code, meaning is not encrypted, eventually you need to learn some code.

  9. Allowing users to post content is not easy with WordPress – I still haven’t found a decent enough and secure combo of theme and plugins for this task

  10. Sounds like you’re using and not the self hosted version which gives you total free reign. You can build a “free” website using just free plugins and themes. Obviously a hosting fee will be associated.

  11. I came back to blogging (and WordPress) after about a decade and was shocked at how basic mundane things that were free back then now come with a fee.. luckily I have some very basic (but useful) technical no-how that made me code many of the plugins/functionality I need.

    If you want feel free to hit me up and we can chat. I can walk you through what you want to get done.

  12. You can do anything you want to with wordpress wirhout paying a single cent, you just need to code it yourself. However – if you want other people to code it for you, you often have to pay for it, even though you do find a lot of stuff for free.


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