Can’t get rid of margin/padding, mobile site version is cropped

Hello, I have the following problems with my site. Even though the block in which my cover is located has 0 padding/margin it still has this spacing to the lower border of the section.
Here is my site:

[as you see, there is a big gap on the bottom of the image, and a small on the right side.])

[the selected block \(row\) has 0 margin, the parent block has 0 padding, but still there is a gap which I want to get rid of])

And here goes the mobile

[when viewing the site on mobile everything is cropped. Any advice on how to fix that? Any tutorials on adaptive site layout creation on WordPress would be very appreciated])

[when I zoom out, I have this black box on the right. What I want is to disable the ability to zoom out so that I can see the black box, and prevent everything from being cropped])

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  1. You have to learn how responsive design works or quit making websites. You can solve 90% of your issues designing the mobile view first and using a width of 100vw.


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