Changed URL on wp and now I can’t access the site, don’t have cpanel and can’t figure out ftp;

So my mom bought this website off of bluehost, and because she doesn’t utilize it, she gave it to me. The name wasn’t my thing so I looked up how to change the URL n stuff; it told me to go to ⠀general to change it, so I did. I changed the name and then right after that, I couldn’t log in to my wp admin thing to edit the site. I never published it so I can’t even see the site at all. ​ As stated in the title: I don’t have cpanel or any substitutes that aren’t outdated as hell, and I can’t figure out the FTP thing so any hope at that is lost. If anyone knows what I can do to save my site I’d be very grateful. If there’s anything else that you might need to know I’d be glad to tell ya, thank you very much for reading.

  1. You can’t just change the URL on WordPress and hope to own the address, you need to purchase the domain… What you’ve done is broken it and you can only fix it from cPanel or whatever Blue host provide by putting it back to what it was in your database.

    Alternatively ask Blue host chat to back up the database before your mistake, or get them to change it.


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