Cloudflare – what did I do wrong?


WP novice here so sorry if I am being dumb.

After hearing a lot of people singing the praises of cloudflare, I thought I would give it a go on my site.

I read some guides, watched some videos and went for it. First impressions were that it was great and it seemed a simple setup process. Plus my site speed improved after. All good I thought.

After a day or so, I noticed that my emails were not working (sending or receiving) which was causing frustration for me and my customers. So, because cloudflare was the only thing I had changed, I switched back which (although slow and painful) brought all my emails back.

Where did I go wrong do you think please? Did I miss something?

I’d go back to cloudflare if I thought my emails would work as, apart from that it was great. I am sure it is something I did wrong, not cloudflare’s fault (I am not blaming them BTW).

tldr: I switched to cloudflare and all my emails stopped. Did I likely miss something?

Thank you.

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  1. When you move your dns to Cloudflare there is a screen that shows you the dns entries it sees. It either missed your MX records or you are using a host that does something funky with them for email.

    Easiest thing would probably be to contact your host support and tell them what happened. Most likely you just need to change a setting or explicitly set MX records and it will work just fine.


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