Code leaves this ” ‘. ” i the html

Hi @bigshow,

Thank you! We’re happy to hear you find the plugin useful.

I think in your case you need to use the same quotes to avoid that, so instead of having:

echo do_shortcode("[fusion_builder_row_inner]'.$guests $bedrooms $beds $sofas $baths $size.'[/fusion_builder_row_inner]");

You should use the same quotes as in the beginning and end like this:

echo do_shortcode( "[fusion_builder_row_inner]" . $guests . $bedrooms . $beds . $sofas . $baths . $size . "[/fusion_builder_row_inner]" );

Notice that I also added . between the variables as that’s needed to concatenate strings.

This will only work if the $guest, $bedroom, etc variables are defined above this code and are strings.


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