Compatibility Issue with CTX Feed

Hello, I’m contacting you on behalf of CTX Feed. Previously, our plugin seamlessly integrated with the Curcy currency option. However, following a recent update, our plugin is no longer compatible with Curcy, and we believe the issue needs to be addressed from Curcy’s end. Could you kindly pass along the following message to your development team and inform us of any necessary adjustments being made to ensure compatibility with CTX Feed? Below is the suggested modification in Curcy to be applied by our devs team –

I’m the senior software engineer at WebAppick. We’ve seen that one of the CTX Feed plugin hooks you’re using to file: woocommerce-multi-currency/plugins/ctx-feed-pro.php.

Previously, we used to send “$config” as an array, but from now on, we’ll send it as an object. So, from now you have to access data from an object. We’ve modified your code to work with our plugin. Here is the modified code below. Please update your plugin.

add_filter( ‘woo_feed_filter_product_link’, function ( $link, $product, $config ) {
$data = WOOMULTI_CURRENCY_Data::get_ins();
$default_currency = $data->get_default_currency();
if ( defined( ‘WOO_FEED_PRO_FILE’ ) ) {
$link = add_query_arg( [ ‘wmc-currency’ => $config->get_feed_currency() ], $link );
} else {
$feed_currency = $data->get_param( ‘bot_currency’ );
if ( $feed_currency !== ‘default_currency’ ) {
$link = add_query_arg( [ ‘wmc-currency’ => $feed_currency ], $link );
} else {
$link = add_query_arg( [ ‘wmc-currency’ => $default_currency ], $link );
return $link;
}, 10, 3 );

Thank you for your attention. We eagerly await your confirmation or any updates from your end.

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