Confused by wordpress terms, how it all fits together?

So, if I make an app, I use a database and expose it with an api. I import what I need as json, and convert it to objects with properties.

In webflow, you pay for their CMS and use the collection list widget to display data from each CMS object as you want , very easy.

In wordpress, I have no idea what’s going on. In order to make an object with properties, I need to make a Custom post type and use Advanced custom fields? And then I need a builder that has the proper widget that can run queried on these “posts”(objects but with a page, I can’t leave a posts page blank) in order to access their “fields”(properties)?

Can I use the MySQL database to store a new table and pull it into a page using an api call or a widget or something similar and then point a widget to the data?


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