1. How is your CSS? Surprisingly this might be a candidate for some AI help. Copy the HTML from the form (will need more than just a picture, I think) and get it to Bing’s copilot. An it for the CSS to adjust width of the fields and the height of input.

    My *guess* is that the inputs have some padding on them that you could maybe reduce to get what you like.

    If you are good with CSS, inspect the form and I bet you’ll see it. Add the CSS to the additional CSS area if you’re using the customizer on a theme.

    For the first two fields, you may want to send the width of the field to a %. Something like a 49% width with a 2% right margin applied to the first name might work?

    I could also be completely off without actually seeing the code of the page. Hopefully that will give you a clue of where to look.

    CSS is the place to start.

  2. Your divs look like they’re not nested with opening/closing tags in the right places, which maybe the weird alignment issue with the two top fields, but agree that CSS padding will probably fix the spacing issue on the rest.

    For divs you have a “columns_wrap” div and then the actual “columns-1_2” inside, but then after the 2nd column closing </div> (for the ones where there are 2 per row), you need another </div> for the outer wrapper. Then at the end, not sure why there are 3 closing div tags, should be 2 max- you only ever have nesting 2 levels deep. Without seeing the css for those, my instinct would be put a “columns_wrap” div (and corresponding closing tag) around each horizontal row of fields, so 3 of them, or 4 if you put the submit button in a separate one.


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