1. Doesn’t really work that way. When you are building on WP, you need a theme file for which your site gets all of its styles / theme specific functionality. When you are moving to WP, you would set up a fresh site and build out what you need from there. Pages would need to be converted to Gutenberg page builder and set up your page layout. If you have forms, you would need to set up a plugin (Gravity Forms) and create your forms / embed into the page from there. Also you would need to build out your global content areas such as Header / Footers / Sidebars.

  2. There is no standardization in the way that static sites are built.

    Because of this, there can be no single tool that can automatically migrate from static to wp.

    You’d have to create thos tool yourself, customized to the sites you want to content-snarf.

    That isn’t impossible. But it would be labour intensive.

    It could even be fun.
    But once you are done, the tool probably won’t be reusable.

  3. The free tool you can use is your brain. Either create custom themes or recreate the sites using a pre-made theme.


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