Convincing Small Businesses to Have Website

Hello everyone,

I have been learning WordPress for awhile and creating some hobby websites to myself. I don’t create miracles but, I think I can make some decent designs.

So, I want to create a business asking small businesses if they want some simple, yet beautiful websites. I was searching cafes and restaurants through google maps if they have websites or not.

I don’t know if it is only here(Turkey) like this, but I noticed that almost no one has websites nowadays. They either created simple google sites or they use Facebook, Instagram etc. for their presence.

I have not asked to no one yet, but I don’t know how can I convince them they actually need a website. To be honest, I actually think they really don’t need.

How you guys convince them ? Am I looking to wrong industry(cafe, restaurant) ? If I do, what kind of small businesses I should focus ?

  1. Contact 100, expect 10 responses and maybe 3 sales. You do not know what business decisions people are in the process of making and many sales are made just by being in the right place at the right time. Look up cold calling strategies (grant cardone, like him or hate him, has a good book on setting up a process for this). Cold calling is more successful per call than emailing is, since emails get into spam folders.

    Look up the local business strip near you, write down all the businesses, google if they have a website, if they don’t, add them to you call list.

    Part of your planned sales pitch is explaining why having online real estate is so important, give examples of businesses that you’ve helped.

    Do one or two for no cost in exchange for a positive review (these can be friend’s small businesses).

    Good luck.

  2. What mike said.

    You might have better success selling a package deal. Setup/improve socials, google maps plus a website. Most probably have bad menu images/pdfs that are hard to read. Show an example of the average multi column PDF / Image vs a nice responsive menu with nice images.

    Seriously many small businesses don’t have correct hours listed, haven’t updated in years, haven’t gone through their reviews, etc. People won’t even click on the listed website unless the google maps / yelp etc profile looks good.

    Also if you offer it for free you can still charge for upkeep. For example putting promotions on all their socials, removing old ones etc.

  3. I have no experience with your niche. But I do know you’ll never get ahead by convincing people they need something.

    I would imagine you could get quick wins by optimizing Yelp and Google Business Profiles, coming up with enticing promotions, creating an offer for a local business, etc.

    Once you’ve brought the client some revenue, you’ll have enough trust to offer a website that’ll drive more business.


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