Cookie conflict with 20i Hosting WordPress Cache Plugin StackCache



WordPress ‘Site Health Status’ is reporting cache error as below for all sites using CleanTalk.

`Page cache enhances the speed and performance of your site by saving and serving static pages instead of calling for a page every time a user visits.

Page cache is detected by looking for an active page cache plugin as well as making three requests to the homepage and looking for one or more of the following HTTP client caching response headers:

cache-control, expires, age, last-modified, etag, x-cache-enabled, x-cache-disabled, x-srcache-store-status, x-srcache-fetch-status.
Median server response time was 3,573 milliseconds. It should be less than the recommended 600 milliseconds threshold.
There were 3 client caching response headers detected: cache-control, expires, x-cache-enabled.
Learn more about page cache (opens in a new tab)`

A persistent object cache makes your site’s database more efficient, resulting in faster load times because WordPress can retrieve your site’s content and settings much more quickly.

Your hosting provider can tell you if a persistent object cache can be enabled on your site.

After reporting this to 20i my hosting provider I received this response from them.

In terms of caching, it looks like both of the sites you’ve mentioned are not currently being cached by 20i’s CDN nodes – the HTTP headers show that the site is currently seeing a cache “MISS” value being returned:

x-origin-cache-status: MISS
x-cdn-cache-status: MISS

Looking at, the site’s webpages contain a cookie:

set-cookie: ct_sfw_pass_key=66d0d8571fe6a694552517012646cfd80; expires=Thu, 22-Dec-2022 18:19:32 GMT; Max-Age=2592000; path=/; secure; SameSite=Lax

It appears to be exactly the same for

set-cookie: ct_sfw_pass_key=037255de37645bac44ba46cbc11c22530; expires=Thu, 22-Dec-2022 18:20:30 GMT; Max-Age=2592000; path=/; secure; SameSite=Lax

When a cookie is in use on a webpage, 20i’s edge cache will automatically avoid caching the content. When present, cookies work with the PHP as the page is loaded in order to perform a unique action. When a page is served from cache, it’s already been generated previously by the server. If the page is cached, the cookie cannot be generated, and thus cannot perform the expected action with the page load, which would “break” the site.

From what I can see, the “ct_sfw_pass_key” cookie belongs to the CleanTalk Spam Protect plugin. That’s stopping StackCache (20i’s caching plugin for WordPress that works with our CDN) from functioning, and means that response times for the site are quite poor.

I can see in CleanTalk advance setting there are options for displaying Cookies but it is recommended that they not be switched off?

What is the best solution please that allows CleanTalk and the Cache functionality to both work together?



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