Copying a page to WP for selling an online course – Beginner questions

Thank you for your time and help! πŸ’™

I worked with WP in the past and I remember it was unintuitive and there were clashes with the global fonts and looks between WP and Elementor. It boggled even a professional I consulted with.

Nevertheless, I’m willing to give WP another go, as it seems the consensus about SEO ranking, and the total maintenance price seems to be optimal in the long run. At the moment, I already have a web design in Podia (In which I have my pre-recorded online courses), but I am unhappy with their price. I downloaded the site using WinHTrack.

My domain is provided by Ionos.

So, I’m asking for your recommendation:

1. What kind of a theme will I need for my purposes? Simpler is better.
2. Will I be able to upload my front page for free to WP?
3. Which course-selling plugin would you recommend for pre-recorded courses? Is it independent or requires WooCommernce or the like? I need a slick user experience and the least steps for purchase.
4. Which WP host would you recommend that is both easy and affordable?
5. In which order should I do those steps?

I thank you for your time and help! πŸ’™




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