Could someone explain me themes please?

I do not understand themes at all. Could someone explain to me? Ive watched “theme comparison” video where guy compared website with same content but applied different themes and the only difference between same websites ive noticed is just different fonts and different spacings. Im pretty sure that you could achieve exactly the same look with 2 different themes or am i wrong?

  1. A theme is a requirement for WordPress sites.

    Themes will apply certain styles and functionality to your website. One theme may make buttons purple by default with an outer shadow when you hover over it. Just an example.

    You can override the pre-coded aspects of a theme with your own code, if you wanted. So yes, you could take two different websites with different themes and make those two websites look identical by the end, it would just be a matter of how much custom code you would need to add to each of them.

    But the purpose of most themes is to prevent people from writing their own code. People will choose a theme when they like the default code that’s included with the theme.

    Think of it as a ‘template’ for your site.

    Some people will create their own themes instead using something pre-built.

    If you’re using a page builder (eg. Elementor) you would want a bare bones basic theme since you’ll be making all of the stylistic choices yourself directly with Elementor. In this example people often use the Hello Elementor theme because it’s very stripped back and basic.

  2. The theme in brief manages most of the user interface by default. E.g. is built with WP. The header, footer, fonts, and a lot more stuff that you see is included with the theme

    And yes, sure, with 2 different themes you could achieve the same look. In the end themes are groups of php files, CSS, and JS. You can achieve every kind of look you want if you know how to code, and still a lot of similar designs even with no-code solutions

    nowadays with block themes things are starting to change a little bit (super slowly) because these tend to be more flexible in terms of design, even without code edits. + block themes are mostly based on HTML files

    Theme comparison videos are mostly trash usually. On youtube a lot of creators talking about WordPress just fill up their video descriptions with affiliate links and they talk about themes/plugins because they have good affiliate programs, not because these products per se are good. Same thing with those videos along the lines of “the X plugins you must have” and other bs. Same thing with low quality hosting services and so on.


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