Creating a one-time Membership Site

Hi all,

I’ve been reading through numerous posts on here with varying levels of success and I wanted to get the sub’s thoughts.

We are looking at adding a paid membership portion to our site (one-time payment, life-time membership), which would require payment and a login/password to access.

I’ve been looking at Paidpromemberships, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. We are new to setting up anything like this and I am unsure which route to take.

* PMP seems like the best value as it is free and the free version comes with quite a few features. That said, it also seems to be far more complicated And takes more work to maintain.
* WooCommerce seems a bit more straight-forward as far as setting up, but a) is at least $200 (not sure how much we’ll actually make once we get going) and b) seems to cost more once you factor in other necessary elements like WooCommerce Subscriptions.
* I’ve only briefly looked at other options like Shopify, but I’m not sure that quite covers what we would be looking for.

Any thoughts on what might be best for memberships & one-time payments for those of use who are completely new to this is much appreciated, even if the advice is “Hire someone to do it for you!”.

Any and all advice is welcome and thank you in advance.



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