Creating an e-commerce website based on existing non-wordpress database and API


so we have a family business, and decided to make an e-shop. We have some inventory management system, with its own database, prices, in-stock values and basically everything. The problem is, it is a software from local business so I do not have any documentation to work with that program (besides from communicating with mysql server directly). They offer some e-shop solutions that look like from 2000-s with horrible user experience, and basically no control from my side, apart from adding and modifying products, categories. And we would be dependent on them for support, so I think it is a no-go.

I thought of using woocommerce and just updating stocks and prices overnight (and using webhooks to update stock dynamically in existing db), but I think that better solution would be to build that e-shop on this existing database, so I can avoid a lot of possible problems. But that would mean either reprogramming a lot of things in woocommerce, or making a whole new plugin for that (custom post types for products, cart, etc.).

So I wanted to ask, if some of you guys have experience with these kinds of problems and if you can offer me some knowledge I should know, while diving into project like this, because I think I am not the only one which happens to be in a situation like this.


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