Critical error on my site due to elementor pro plugin but my license is expired.

**Fatal error**: Uncaught ReflectionException: Method get\_site\_editor\_type does not exist in …
**/public\_html/wp-content/plugins/elementor-pro/modules/theme-builder/documents/theme-document.php** on line **45**

Anyone know how to fix this, I cannot access wp-admin because of this?

I built my whole “theme”/site with Elementor Pro (nav menu etc… ) and I contacted them and they told me to upgrade (🖕) if I want it to continue being compatible. What BS is this. I paid for it for 2 years and now I need to pay for the license just so it could be compatible …. idk robbery in my opinion.

Is there a loophole that can allow me to access my site?

  1. It’s pretty simple. Most themes and plugins come with a license. You pay for the license for the upfront software, but also to receive a sort of “updates-as-a-service.”

    As someone who doesn’t pay, you aren’t entitled to the ongoing work the developers do to ensure compatibility, fix security loopholes, create new features, etc.

    With that said, your specific issue may not be fixed just from purchasing it. You should look to restore from backup prior to making any theme or plugin updates you made, and then purchase it and update to ensure compatibility.

  2. The loop hole would be try to remove all the elementor infection from your content, and rebuild your site with a higher quality page builder if you’re going to use one.

    I would never recommend elementor because they’re a marketing company more than anything, and their product has an insane amount of technical baggage.

  3. Disable the plugin via FTP but this will likely trash the site as the page builders are so integrated.

    You got what you paid for, if you want an updated version you will need to pay again for the new version. I avoid page builders completely and this is one of the reasons.

    We have sites that are ten years old still working perfectly with latest versions of WP because we didn’t use page builders and did it all ourselves.

  4. If you use Elementor Pro you have to pay for an annual licence if you want to avoid this. Why not convert your site to the WordPress block editor? You could use the GeneratePress theme and its blocks or Kadence and its blocks free of charge.

  5. You pay yearly or whatever for access to the updates. Devs have to make money somehow. I went with Divi because if the lifetime license.


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