Critical error Search console : “Price” “currency”

In your screenshot you can see RichSnippets which I can’t find in your page at all. If you took the screenshot in Search Console, then it is indeed possible that there are details that are no longer present in the page itself. A check via did not show them either.

You would have to trigger a new check in Search Console. Then Google will recognize the change and no longer show the error there.

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Hi Threadi, thanks for helping me ^^

Indeed, I took the screenshot from the Search Console, I don’t know how to check the RichSnippets without the Search Console.

I made some changes in the TAQYEEM plugin review this morning, I disabled the “structured data” in the option, so maybe it removed those fields.

The problem though, is when I run a new diagnostic from the Search console, I still can see the issues. Here is the result of a test I just did :

Maybe the Search Console needs some time before it sees the changes I did ?

Edit 14h44 : I checked all the review pages manualy and it looks that all the “product fields” such as “price” or “brand” are gone now.
I launched a validation process in the search console for those issues, apparently it takes some time. I hope it will fix the errors.

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You can also check the RichSnippets here:

And there I still don’t see any problem regarding your page. This is related to the fact that you have disabled the structured data. What Search Console shows is mostly from Google cache and not live. It is different in the above mentioned RichSnippet test tool.

If you have questions about the plugin you are using, please contact their support here: – since it is a commercial plugin, they can’t help you here in the forum.

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Many thanks Threadi, you’ve helped a lot !
Have a wonderful day 😉


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