CSS classes missing for Printful products on Woocommerce page.

Products that I add are displayed in my theme (Herald by Meks) under the Woocommerce product page. However, products added by Printful are missing some of the CSS classes, thus the page does not display properly. I found using F12 Inspector that the product works if it shows all these classes:

`<body class=”product-template-default single single-product postid-5772 logged-in admin-bar wp-custom-logo wp-embed-responsive theme-herald woocommerce woocommerce-page woocommerce-js herald-boxed herald-v_2_6_1 mapps-wp-lt-57 customize-support”>`

Instead the Printful products only shows this, note this is one space at the front:

`<body class=” customize-support”>`

So I started adding the CSS classes to the Printful item one by one using the F12 inspector and when I got to “woocommerce” most of my page was now displaying properly. But where do I go from here? I would conclude that the Printful items have some error in the product description/meta that is preventing the Woocommerce CSS class from being added to the body? The Woocommerce CSS file is linked when the page loads, so the issue is only that it is not being loaded into the `<body class=””>`.

Googling the problem just leads me down an endless loop of woocommerce/wordpress/my theme/printful half-solutions but none about page display. Where should I start because I really don’t know. Please and thank you, – Bryan

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  1. Ummm, what is Printiful? A plugin? Link? Are the products actually in Woocommerce? If they are, then it likely that the template that printiful uses isn’t a normal WC template. Anyway, probably best if you ask whoever makes “printiful”.


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