Css not applying in wordpress

First of all, I’m really new to using wordpress and I have never used this sub, so I dont know if it is the most correct place to ask this.

So i built my website on visual studio, bought a domain and now I’m trying to use wordpress to set my website online. I made a costum theme with php files etc and the website is working, with css and all. My current problem is that a lot of times when changing the styles.css file it won’t change anything in the live website. When analyzing the website in the browser’s developer tools it has a triangle with exclamation mark in the css line I changed quoting unkown property name, eventhough it is correct. For example, changing the width of an image from 70% to 80%, it works while on 70, then I change it, update the page, and it has width: 80% with a line over the text.

I hope I made myself clear, if any files or screenshots are needed tell me, I would appreciate any help

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  1. can you at least post where you have issues in the css file, and what’s the website so we can check it


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