CSV imports not being recognized by ultimate member so not displaying on profile

Hello me and my friends are developing a website and basically we have spreadsheets with lots of information we are importing into wordpress but it isn’t getting picked up and displayed on our website in the user profiles. The data is somehow still there but it is not displaying on the user profile. Like it’s almost invisible or something. We can see it in a custom data field but it simply wont output on the user profile field….

Here is an example of a profile with manually imported data [https://opensanghafoundation.org/newsite]) done by the forms directly

and here is a page that has data imported from our spreadsheet but is not displaying [https://opensanghafoundation.org/newsite/user/wat-bodhivareerangsarith/])


Can someone help? We are also looking for a new developer to help us out. This is a nonprofit org that helps people with finding meditation centers


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