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This plugin is included using the ACF acf/include_field_types hook. At the time of writing this plugin that was the method included in an ACF provided ‘boilerplate’ for third party plugin development.

Since that time I’ve also seen a method using acf_register_field_type(). I am not familiar with the Bricks plugin you are using but it is possible that it isn’t able to find plugins registered with acf/include_field_types.

Another user had issues with this plugin not appearing in the REST API that seemed related to this. Read more here:

That user has a hack in place using acf_register_field_type() that resolved their problem. I’m not recommending that hack but it is something you can temporarily test with to see if that is related to your problem here. Another test you may already have performed is to see if other third party field types are showing up in Bricks, and if they are using the filter or the function I mentioned above to include themselves.

I’ve dabbled with swapping the include method for this plugin to acf_register_field_type() to potentially fix the REST issue. There are a number of complexities in this plugin that will require a good bit of testing before I can potentially roll that out in an update though. Right now I’m pretty buried in client work so I haven’t been able to give this my full attention.

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Thanks for the rapid response… this does seem to answer the problem. Unfortunately I’m using a query-block to fetch terms – and I’ve no idea how to get the ID of the current term. But I’ll approach Bricks about it.

Appreciate the info.


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