Custom Post Status Dissapear once Saved

Some further investigation

line 41 on PostEditClassic.php

 if (!empty($post)) {

            if (\PublishPress_Statuses::isUnknownStatus($post->post_status)
            || \PublishPress_Statuses::isPostBlacklisted($post->ID)
            ) {

The post status is empty when I print_r($post) which is where I expect the issue is coming from – I have checked the database and the post_status is “pending” in this example. It is as if the post status is being filtered out.

@clarkstudios What version of the plugin are you running? That is not line 41 in the current version.

Update: The issue seems to be with ShortPixel Critical CSS plugin. Disabling this has bought the statuses back. I will dive into that plugin and see what the issue is.

@clarkstudios Based on my troubleshooting, you can prevent the ShortPixel Critical CSS conflict by adding this snippet to functions.php:

add_filter('shortpixel_critical_css_manual_term_css', function($val) {return false;});

@clarkstudios Statuses hooks into that ShortPixel Critical CSS filter to prevent this conflict. I’ll remove this workaround if they fix the issue on their end.


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