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Thanks for using Prime Mover plugin! Sorry to hear you have an issue with the export. Just to clarify, in your screenshot – it shows that you are using storing your custom post types in your mu-plugins directory?

If yes – currently files under /mu-plugins/ are not included in the export as these are usually custom scripts customized for the source multisite only. Prime Mover only migrates the plugins, themes and uploads directory (in addition to database).

You might need to move that script manually or restore that file manually to target site if its needed. Usually the best practice if you want to register custom post types would be inside a custom plugin (you could network activate this if needed by your other sites). This makes the implementation portable and universal. This is recommended by WordPress – you can read the complete tutorial here:

Once your custom post types implementation is inside the custom plugin. It could now be migrated by Prime Mover or included in the package. Thank you and please let me know if I understand your issue correctly, otherwise please clarify further. Cheers!

I understand thanks for the quick reply!

Thank you for the feedback and we are glad to assist!


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