Dashboard is ok but website got error after cloning

Hi what is the error? Nginx DOES need to be properly configured to run WordPress Multisite smoothly. Depending on the setup (Nginx + apache) or straight Nginx, there are differences.

However, NS Cloner should work on ANY configuration that properly runs WordPress Multisite.

Our code relies on all the normal WordPress standards and conventions. It’s possible to have an Nginx configuration that runs single site with no problems but not multisite. It’s also possible to have a configuration that seems to run multisite correctly, when in fact there are problems beneath the surface. NS Cloner will expose those issues because the WordPress code it depends on to automatically handle things like site creation and naming will fail if the server is not set up properly.

Here’s a good place to start: https://projectdmc.org/support/article/nginx/ – these configurations must be in place (especially the multisite rules).

If it’s Nginx + Apache, sometimes .htaccess can still be used and must be set up through the normal process of converting a WordPress installation to multisite.
Hope that helps. If you are still experiencing issues with Cloner after making sure your multisite and server are setup properly, please do reach back out.


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