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I have the Booking Calendar plugin on my website. It works well but sometime when I’m trying to reach the website by the link, I have a full white page with “Dates unavailable” writed. And the website is not loaded.

The source of this page is :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if ( jQuery(‘#submiting1’ ).length ) {
// Disable spinning
document.getElementById(‘submiting1’).innerHTML = ”;
// Show Error message under the calendar
showMessageUnderElement( ‘#date_booking1’,
Erreur! Probablement que ces dates viennent jsute d\’etre réservées par un autre visiteur. Veuillez recharger cette page et refaire votre réservation.’ , ‘alert-danger’);
// Scroll to the calendar
// Enable Submit button
jQuery(‘#booking_form_div1 input[type=button]’).prop(“disabled”, false);
jQuery( ‘#booking_form_div1 button’ ).prop( “disabled”, false ); //FixIn:
</script> Dates unavailable


There is nothing else on the page. And if I refresh, the website is well loaded. Any idea about this problem ?


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