Delete Finetuned Model |

Do you have a link for a tutorial on how to fine tune a model? What about models that are already in playground presets shouldn’t you be able to “call” them.

Hi again, to both of you 🙂

I have an article about finetuning now, here:

For the issue about not being able to delete a model @deonsa, I am not sure. So actually, what happens is that OpenAI returns the list of all models, even the deleted ones. If you try to delete a model that has already been deleted, it fails (but strangely, it’s still in the list). What I am doing now is that I detect this error and mark it as deleted on the WordPress side, to avoid displaying it. Normally, that should work now. I have also sent a message to OpenAI, but they never ever replied to my messages so I don’t expect anything (I only sent 3, and I think they were rather interesting, but I think they have too much work with ChatGPT).


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