dequeue codes |

Hi Diana,

as concluded a couple of dd ago, I’m using your plugin in this way:

for global codes (the ones to be embedded everywhere) no change

for codes of specific pages I leave the plugin enqueues everywhere, then trying to dequeue from all pages apart the one needed .. but I see that you enqueued with “admin-head” instead of “wp-enqueue”, so I need your help. I’m adding a php block to functions.php:

function ABC() {
wp_dequeue_script( ‘xx’ ); // (or wp-deregister_script, or both?)
add_action( ‘YYY’, ‘ABC‘, 100 );

What about the action hook? (‘YYY’): ‘admin-head’ or ‘admin-enqueue-scripts’ or ‘wp-print-scripts’ or ‘wp-enqueue-scripts’?

Ask you because I tried in several ways but the common method is not working in my trials. Thank you again. Mauro


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