Despite improvements, the WordPress website remains sluggish

The page load time of my WordPress website is still slow, despite the changes I have made.

In particular, it takes an eternity for the blog page titled “How to Create an App from Scratch” to load.

Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?

I need assistance with the following webpage: [](

  1. It loaded up fairly fast for me on my laptop. Ive got a good connection where I am right now.

    There are lots of ways a site can be slowed down but I’d start here and try to diagnose the issue from there….


    This analysis says your load time is 4.97 s which is slower than best practice but in reality not so bad compared to other sites I’ve seen. It also says the entire page is 6.8 MB of data to download. Fast sites start with a small amount to download.

    It also says that 93% of the 6.8MB is images. So first stop to reduce the number of, the size of (ie dimensions of) and the size of (in mb’s) of those images. Then get a compression plugin which will compress all your images but the best results are when you resize and remove and then compress.

    After you’re done re test it and if still slow then go to the next level of optimisation. Which depends on that analysis tool above also. Keep going like that til your pages are fast enough. I’d suggest a 1 s load time is nice. Really you should also check on mobile also as thats where most traffic comes from these days and their processors are slower so they are the best test of page speed.

    Good luck!

  2. I did a quick analysis. Your theme is just way to overloaded, tons of unused css and a lot of room to improve. Also make sure you have a good hosting. That can truly make a difference like night and day! I can help you too if you need some advice.


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