Directory profiles with location search

New to managing sites and I have a project of doing a ground up redesign from a poorly made Square Space site, now going to WordPress. It’s going to have Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields. I’ve made another directory using Advanced Custom Fields since it has custom post types now.

The customer is wanting the individual profiles of their members to have a variety of terms that can be searched for, main one being location. What would be the best way to setup each profile with a location that can then be found via a city or zip code search on the site?

In the same vein, each profile has areas of expertise that they specialize in. Would the best setup for that just be using ACF and then creating a post filter for those that have a specific expertise ticked? Or something else?

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  1. Elementor isn’t necessary. Offer all the fields you need via ACF. A search specific to profiles seems like the best approach. It’s best practice to have a design approved before developing to save yourself headaches.


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