Disable Guttenberg with WP Bakery

Glad to help. Disable Gutenberg doesn’t modify any links, that’s not part of its functionality. It only switches between Classic and Gutenberg editors. Unless you can provide the basic steps to repeat the issue on *default* WordPress site? That way I can take a closer look and try to help.

Hi @specialk

There aren’t any steps really.

If you just add a ‘text block’ in WP Bakery, and then add a few links to it, both external and internal, you’ll see that ALL of the links turn out to be NOfollow.

Okay thanks for explaining. So the steps would be:

  1. Default WP install (default theme, no plugins)
  2. Install/activate WP Bakery
  3. Install/activate DG plugin
  4. Add links to text block in WP Bakery

Following those steps results in the nofollow links?

Hi @specialk

Yes that looks about right.

Even if you try removing the nofollow links in the text editor, they come back on a refresh.

Okay thanks. From what I can tell WP Bakery is a paid item, so not gonna be able to test it. But honestly just thinking about how DG operates, I’m thinking there is some other plugin or script involved. You would need to test the above steps exactly in order to rule out other conflicts.

Hi @specialk

Well first, I activated the Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin.

Then I kept getting a ‘nag’ to purchase a license for WP Bakery, so I activated my theme too to get rid of the ‘nag’.

Disabled everything except WP Bakery and Disable Guttenberg, plus my theme to see what was happening.

After activating everything in runs of five plugins, the NOfollow links were still nowhere to be seen.

I reckon it was the WordPress gremlins surfacing again.

Interesting, so it sounds like the reported issue is resolved?


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