Disable previous and next post links

Hi @ezysetup,

An option to hide it is using CSS. Technically, it would still load on the page, but your users wouldn’t see it. Have you considered it?

You can go to WP Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, then add something like that:

/* Hide Previous/Next post (FS) */

#nav-below {
    display: none;

If you would like to hide only for specific posts, you can do that by getting the ID of the post by editing the post URL.

/* Hide Previous/Next for post 155 (FS) */

.postid-155 #nav-below {
    display: none;

In this case, the post ID would be 155, and you would get it from https://example.com/post.php?post=155&action=edit.

Apart from that, if you use one of the new WordPress default themes (like Twenty Twenty-Three), you would be able to edit this directly from the Site Editor without using any code.

That works perfectly. Thank you very much.

PS. It’s a club site. I’m stuck with Twenty Ten for the time being.


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