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Hi @dumel,

This is the result of how our notices structure works. Notices which are labeled as ‘admin_notice’ will get shown outside the settings page menu, when it’s not urgent with a ‘dismiss’ button, and sometimes with a ‘more info’ button. To minimise code running outside the settings page, the dismissal happens on the SSL settings page, so dismissing leads to the settings page.

Because of your remark I double checked this, and noticed that the dismissal on the settings page does not work correctly at the moment (as it currently still requires a dismiss in the dashboard), so I’ve created a patch for this:

It will get merged into either version 6.0.11 or 6.0.12.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

The above has been merged into 6.0.11. Thanks for bringing our attention to it.


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