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After some investigation, I found that the JS code on line 108 of AnimOnScroll.js is never run: if( inViewport( el ) ) { ... } Looking at that function, it checks if the element is in view, and if so, it adds the .shown class to the div which turns the opacity to 1.

I noticed that it’s because the check for Modernizr.cssanimations returns undefined for some reason. I have no idea why, as this would be browser specific and I’m using Chrome v116 (I’m going to test updating to the latest CHrome, but I don’t think it’ll help)

I double checked and Modernizr is correctly loaded — Modernizr.csstransitions is true, so I’m really not sure what to make of this.

I figured it out, the theme I’m using also has Modernizr loaded, but with only http://modernizr.com/download/#-csstransforms3d-csstransitions-cssclasses-teststyles-testprop-testallprops-prefixes-domprefixes and cssanimations isn’t included so it overwrites the loaded instance of Modernizr from Simple Masonry Layout 🙁

Is there a good way to override modernizr in wordpress so only 1 combined modernizr is used.

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Either dequeue theme’s modenizr or load theme’s modenizr to only required page.

Hope this helps.. Thanks


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