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This DMARC Report shows that the SPF and DKIM is not properly aligned/match. Is this a plugin thing or an Eway thing?

These things are failed or not aligned.

SPF alignment: Does the MailFrom header match (or a partial match when using a relaxed setup) the domain from the Return-Path header.

DKIM alignment: Does the “From header” match (or a partially matched when using a relaxed setup) the domain which signed the DKIM. d=domain in the DKIM signature.

SPF Verdict: SPF records are evaluated on two criteria for DMARC compliance: authentication and alignment. DMARC relies on these standards to reach full compliance. The SPF verdict is the combination of Auth and Alignment and is present in the raw DMARC report.

DKIM Verdict: DKIM are evaluated in two ways: authentication and alignment. An email passes DKIM authentication when correctly signed by the d= domain in the DKIM header. The Alignment is based off of the “adkim” record.

This is the website Im using

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