Do custom plugin developers even exist anymore?

I am a software dev who started a shop and became so busy I have no time for it anymore. I built my own webshop using woocommerce and it works and does it’s job.

There is a grant coming up for small businesses to use on web development work. I have a need for a custom plugin that would be fantastic however I called every single wordpress developer that came up on google in Australia and not one does custom work. They all just sell themes or try to push you to use shopify.

I could do it myself however I can’t do it at home at night since we have a baby, I can’t do it at work unless the grant can cover my labour for those hours. I called the grant company and they said I can’t “benefit” from my own grant so I am not able to apply to use the grant to do the work myself.

What happened? 5-7 y ears ago I used to do custom plugin work and there was so much competition, did it just phase out? People moved on to shopify and such? NO demand for it anymore?


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