Do you have a good resource for code solutions for custom WP themes? (for example, I want to code breadcrumbs, not use a plugin)

For example, I’m learning WP and am trying to get breadcrumbs into my theme. Simply Googling this gave me page after page of “plugin” solutions.

What? A plugin? For something as basic as breadcrumbs? Do I need a plugin for my Logo to show up too? Or a plugin to show images. My gosh!

I DID end up finding a nice piece of custom code that I can include in my functions.php, though I’m astonished this isn’t the norm. I really want to lean into custom HTML, CSS, and PHP for template files and *not* go crazy with plugins for every damn thing.

Does anyone have a good developer/code resource for WP? Something where I can get some quick snippets and solutions for these common things? Thanks in advance for any tips!

  1. is a good start, because it usually has how to do something with a plugin and how do it manually with code. Failing that, and/or just Google ‘breadcrumbs without plugin WordPress’ etc


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