Do you recommend creating a separate Version of the website on subdomain or subdirectory, to fully comply with ADA requirements.

I was just rattled a little bit, by a friend of mine who works in DC and has created an advocacy group.
This cause of hers rattles certain industries in the US.

Sure enough. She told me that she was just sued for non-compliance with ADA !!
Honestly, I have never made any website in my life ADA compliant, because I don’t even know exactly what you need to do. However she told me that a consulting firm told her the cost to comply would be in the thousands of dollars and that she would have to revamp her website.

Do you think in this case, is it better maybe to create a subdomain version of site which is ADA complaint ?
How often to lawyers go after non ADA compliant websites ? Because now, I am a little nervous about my own work over the years.

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  1. Creating a new separate site won’t make any difference to ADA. And it won’t stop you from getting sued if your main site isn’t compliant. Fix your existing site.


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