Does a Subdomain website usually count against a license seat of a plugin ?

I am a bit confused about this confusing topic, Let’s say we purchase a license for a Main domain website such as
let’s also assume we have subdomains or even subdirectories of this site such as
Does the license key that is used for “”also allow you to use the plugin for the subdomain that is “”, or are you required to buy a new license key for each subdomain and or subdirectory of your site ?

I have been searching and I am getting so many conflicting answers. I guess it might come down to each plugin author and how they implement it ?
I just don’t know..

  1. A subdomain is a completely separate website. So yes, it would need its own license (where the license is per website)

  2. Yeah, it’s a separate site, although some developers will give you some leeway for staging sites on a separate staging subdomain (WP Rocket does this I believe).


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