Does anyone else completely over engineer every website they build? Even simple ones?

Building a website for a family friend and I am running it on a google cloud VM, using Cloud CDN plus Dynamic Compression, I’ve installed the SEO framework and configured the settings to optimize the SEO, I’ve uploaded the sitemap to google search console directly, I bulk optimized all of his media using short-pixel, I used asset cleanup to defer, minify, and delete anything I can to optimize speed, and I even went into phpmyadmin and deleted the plug-in data from plugins I’m not using anymore (such as the maintenance plugin that was redirecting the site while I was developing it). I built the site using generatepress and the Gutenberg editor, and about 300 lines of custom CSS. The site is responsive at every screen size, and gets a 100 in every core web vitals category except performance which averages 85-95 depending on time of day you visit and device you use. I also configured gmail to be his mailing origin using SMTP instead of the PHP_mail function so his emails that come from his work domain (through his website) will have a higher rate of deliverability and not get marked as spam. Oh and I also optimized his google ad campaign he was running to target his audience better, and then set up GA4 and google tag manager to track conversions.

Meanwhile when I showed it to him, all I got was a “that looks really nice, thanks bro.”



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