Does anyone have experince building a site based on data from Google?

So, I want to built a website similar to (just to name one example) as in an overview of restaurants, except only in Denmark, so not as big. I know how to use WordPress, but I’m a noob with API/datascraping.

How do I create a new page in WordPress for each restaurant with data from Google Maps/Google Places, and how do I, on each site, also add other data such as images and reviews from Google My Buisness?

I’ve seen several websites that does exactly this, even small dansih websites, so I figured there has to be a somewhat easy way to do this.

I’m sorry if this is a noob question, and I’m not looking for a step-by-step guide. Just a little help on how and where to get started. I’ve got an API key from Google Places and I’ve looked at different WordPress plugins, but I dont know where to really start.


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