Does migration cause previously installed plugins to delete?

I want to migrate the new design on a client’s website which already has its SEO metrics running. I’m talking AdSense, Analytics, Search Console and everything else.

I’m skeptic about migrating thinking it might override all the plugins. Would that happen and affect the SEO?

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  1. Need more detail, if you are migrating to new hosting but staying on the same domain then it shouldn’t matter once you flip the DNS to point to the new location, everything should be the same, minus the new design.

    If you are only talking about migrating the “design” and nothing else, most other code customizations and plugins should not change, granted the migrated destination is a copy of the underlying source code with plugins. If you are completely overhauling the site, plugins, themes, etc. then you will want to make sure you have the same plugins, etc. on the destination site ready for the same configuration settings you had on the old site.

    It’s difficult to give you a detailed answer without a detailed question.


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