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Hello everyone!

I’m assisting a hair salon in developing their website. I told them I would do everything for free because I do it for my schoolwork. However, I found out that they use a CMS called Webnode, which I absolutely hate because it’s very inflexible, and it’s impossible to design the website as I wish. That’s why I’ve decided to create a free domain on Pantheon and design the website using WordPress-Elementor. Once I finish designing it, I want to shut down the old Webnode website and transfer the old domain to this new WordPress website. Is this a good idea? The domain they currently use is hosted by Webnode, and I don’t really understand how I can transfer it to Pantheon. Which plan should I buy, and what would be the cheapest alternatives in this case? I’m new to these things, so I’m a bit afraid that I will mess up everything and I need advice.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wait. You’re getting yourself in way too deep for free.
    Firstly, get everything written down, what you will provide and how much anything like hosting will cost. If they then complain you’ll know not to go any further.

    Next, set yourself up with either MAMP/ XAMP or Local by Flywheel. This will allow you to work on your local computer – worry about the hosting later.

    Then, make sure they ‘client’ gets the hosting sorted in their name – they can claim this as a business expense, also if/ when things go wrong they will have full access.

    I don’t know Pantheon so cannot advise on them.


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