Dotted lines around buttons

Hi, WordPress haven’t been helpful and I’m hoping someone on here can. I don’t post very often.

All the buttons on my WordPress site have dotted outlines in my primary link colour (pink) and I can’t get rid of them. I’m using the Muscat theme, and have tried others but the lines are still there. I don’t have any custom CSS. I’ve checked it in Safari and Chrome on a Mac, and on an iPhone. I don’t have any border settings other than radius ones (and shadow to try hide the outlines) and in the “appearance editor” the lines aren’t even there.

Really don’t know what to do, it looks silly and I was wanting to start sharing my website professionally. It only happened last week.

Has anyone else had that problem and figured it out? To see what I mean, my URL is https://d– (content is work in progress, so ignore it!)


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  1. It’s in the CSS:

    .wp-element-button, .wp-block-button__link:focus {
    background-color: var(–wp–preset–color–primary);
    color: var(–wp–preset–color–background);
    outline-color: var(–wp–preset–color–primary);
    outline-offset: 2px;
    outline-style: dotted;
    outline-width: 1px;


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