Double hits to url for first time visitors.

I believe this was intentional when you turn on guest optimisations -

If the above understanding is correct then, I have following issues, first the page is autoscrolled to the end user.
There are duplicate calls to server for accessing same image, Also the n/w protocol changed from h2 to h3. So how is this good for end user with poor n/w?

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most of static resources will be cached by browser on first access , so 2nd request will only need to send the HTML content , most image/css/js should be re-utilized by browser cache.

I see, I had disabled cache in one of the n/w tabs causing the issue which ended up in server log confirming my hypothesis. While debugging I unchecked it.

There is some random auto scroll on the website. I will reinvestigate if that’s related to this or something due to js combine.


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