Downsides to making someone an editor

I’m working with a guy from Upwork. So far we screen share and he tells me what to do in WordPress. It’s a bit frustrating for both of us. He has now given me a quote of $250 to finalize my home page (I’m happy with the Figma mark up). What’s the worst thing that can happen if I make him an editor and trust him to finish the home page?

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  1. What I would do if I were in your situation is create a login just for that person, you then offer up a 10-15% of the ‘quote’ as a deposit so that the person does his/her work. You also have an agreement that the rest will be paid in full after the job has been completed and the job is done in a set time period, and verified by you if you are happy with it. Then immediately disable his access so he can’t reconnect to make changes.


    Upside is you get more free time for someone else to do the work you pay them to do.
    Downside is you get less free time because you now have to do the work that someone else promised to do and paid for it but didn’t deliver.


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