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Hi @techteat

Thank you for your interest in the Filter Everything plugin.

Please send the link to the page with the issue so we can check it and test it, in order to provide at least any suggestions on what can be the issue.

Best Regards – Victor

The website is under construction, for this reason the pages are not visible unless you log in.
Where can I send the credentials to access the WordPress panel?

I would also add that,
I apply your filters to the product list (shop), this product list is managed by me in PHP, including the filtering.
I don’t think it affects the problem, but it seems correct to warn you that I don’t use the “Shop List” item for Elementor of WooCommerce or my theme.

Hi @techteat

Unfortunately, there is no such support for the Free version of the plugin. This is only available with the PRO version support.

Here, followed by the forum guidelines are deprecated to exchange such information.

What you can try to do is, use a local server install clean WP install only our plugin use the default 2021 theme (as it still has widgets) create some filters, and display them for post categories for example, to check if everything is working.

Then, seeing that everything is good, start adding your changes, in order to find the root of the issue. This way you can find exactly at which step everything becomes broken.

Best Regards – Victor


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