Easiest way to import ancient (SSI based) sites to WP?

I’ve been tasked with ‘fixing’ a few old web sites dating back around two decades to when they were last touched (but still getting traffic). Some have thousands of pages in an html index, so manual changes are not an option.

The fixes are basically preserve the main content and make it look at least a little more current, changing some woefully outdated links, things like that. It’s mostly structured with SSIs (Server Side Includes) as far as I can see, which gives me hope of building new sidebars to hold the main content. It doesn’t have to look pretty – basically just be better than it is.

I use Elementor Pro with WP on Hostinger, but I’m no expert, and I’ve always worked from fresh before. I can’t even work out how to get the existing content into a WP install. Can anyone make suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. There is no easy way. It’s two different ways of handling includes and queries, and two different file types. You can probably make something that scrapes the various files, but you won’t just be able to migrate it all seamlessly.


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