Editing or Publishing Posts Crashes Site


I have an issue which I have never had until recently whereby, when I edit or publish a post, my hosting server memory usage (and CPU usage) goes through the roof, freezes admin and ultimately makes my site unresponsive for visitors.

As of yet, I do not know what is causing it, having tried some of the things mentioned on [this Reddit post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Wordpress/comments/1d8tine/resource_usage_spikes_when_editing_or_publishing/)

I have spent days now pulling my hair out and the single problem I have is that I cannot pinpoint exactly what the cause is – solutions like query monitor do not help me because it doesn’t show when site crashes on publishing or saving a post. Also, trying some solutions (when testing them) crashes my site because of above.

Anyway, I wondered about these to paths, which I wanted to try but thought it good to get advice on please:

– Create a staging version of my site to ‘mess around on’ – however, I have never done this before and also think it will still cause issues with my hosting memory etc?

– Change the settings in my wpconfig.php file (after watching [this video on youtube](https://youtu.be/8ORHU19s5dI?si=HRFkEzLde07TAb4t)) but I don’t fully understand what this does and, more importantly if it will help, or even make it worse?

TLDR: my wordpress site has just become totally unresponsive and I don’t know what to do next, especially as I cannot pinpoint the actual culprit.

Any help gratefully recieved, thank you.

  1. Sorry, just to add – a new development…

    When looking at my resource usage in cPanel, CPU usage and memory usage spike immediately after a ‘fault’ (shown as a line on the chart). I really hope that helps, if I can see what that fault is?


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