Editor page full of info but preview showing almost nothing

Hi – wordpress amateur and first-time poster, apologies ahead of time.

I’m working on a very basic website.

Landing page: brand name and feature image, followed by “enter” button.

This page arrives users fine.

However, the only other page I have (call it: info) has a small amount of custom material and images (3 paragraphs, 3 images, in columns).

When save/update the page and click preview in new tab, the page loads the “brand name and button” from the landing page and that’s it. All custom info is missing.

When I click ‘edit’ in the bottom right corner, it takes me back and shows all of the custom info(!!).

I’ve made new pages, copied pages, given them different page names, nothing works. I’m wondering if this is a cache issue? But the preview page *isn’t* blank – it’s showing *some* info albeit incorrect and still nothing from what’s actually on the backend page.

Please. Help. Before I break my keyboard.

Edit: I’ve noticed that the url of thr page im working on doesn’t match the url when I display the page attributes – not sure if this is related or causing the problem.

Edit 2: also, the button url on the landing page doesn’t work either. Even when I copy the perms link on the edit page of the info page, paste that into the hyperlink option for the button on the main landing page, it literally doesn’t do anything.


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